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You can choose according to your application.


A Buddhist service to apologize for the deceased. In addition, it is a Memorial service including the later dinner.
At IKEDA Hire, experienced and knowledgeable crew members will be able to safely and comfortably transfer relatives and officials to the temple or to the funeral or ceremonial venue.

Buddhist service plan

It is a plan to transfer from home to the venue and from the venue to your home.
The crew is waiting for the event.

from ¥18,000 tax inc.

Memorial service plan

Transfer from home to the venue. Transfer to the meeting place when the ceremony is over. Transfer to your home when the dinner is over.
The crew is waiting for the event.

from ¥28,000円 tax inc.


Visit the grave to the late people, ancestors, and those who are indebted.
Hire reservations are best for visiting the grave where the date and time are fixed.
Our experienced crew members ensure a safe and comfortable transfer.
The crew will be waiting for you during the visit.

Visit to a grave plan

Visit to a grave plan is a plan to transfer from your home to the temple or grave, and from the temple or grave to your home.

from ¥18,000 tax inc.


Life's biggest event "wedding".
At IKEDA Hier, we offer the best plan for the transfer of brides and grooms, allies and guests.
A knowledgeable and experienced crew member will safely and comfortably transfer you.
Please reserve IKEDA Hire for transportation of the biggest event "wedding" in your life.

Wedding plan

Wedding plan is a plan to transfer from your home to wedding hall, and from wedding hall to your home.

from ¥18,000 tax inc.

Long-term contracts are recommended for customers who continue to use their cars

If you are using more than 15 times a month, we recommend the long-term contracts that are advantageous.
It is 32,770 yen (tax-included) for spot use for up to 8 hours and 120km, but for long-term contracts ¥26,160 (tax-inc.) , It is a great virtue.
If you regularly use your hires, such as commuting, attending school or other meetings or conferences, please consider a "long-term contract".

For more information on Long term Contract→here

About the difference of charge billing section with taxi

The bill for the hire fare section is different from a taxi.
In general, all sections from the departure of the our garage to the return to the our garage are the sections to be charged.
This is different from taxis, which are billed only while you are on board.
However, we offer "Airport Transfer plan" and "Golf Transfer plan".
In addition, we will consult with you depending on your application and purpose, so if you have any questions or concerns, please consult with IKEDA Hire.
The staff in charge will respond promptly and carefully.

For more information on billing→here

For more information on Air port plan→here

Contact by telephone→here

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